MILK Photographie was created in 1999 by French photographer, Olivier Henry.  We are a local commercial photography studio recognized for our professionalism, creativity, and high impact photography.

Our award winning local & overseas photographers, in-house production and a dynamic digital imaging team, together with our illustrators, food stylists, and retouching partners, allow for even the most ambitious ideas to be translated into photographic images of all styles and genres.

Milk aims to be your one-stop photography shop and co-creator of your brand visions.

Olivier Henry

Adventurous, young and thirsty for some exoticism in his life, Olivier left France upon graduation from the prestigious Parson's School of Design & SPEOS Paris Photographic Institute,  and moved to Singapore in 1999 to set up Milk Photographie. 16 years on, Olivier established himself as the go-to person in the Singapore photography scene.

Citing beauty, humor and provocation as his main inspirations. Olivier is a master at capturing the essence of the human spirit, creating high impact images that tell unforgettable stories. It is precisely these uncanny abilities that sets Olivier apart and ahead.

His ability to see the importance of  client's branding; he ensures his works are consistent with the brand image and beyond. Carefully integrating edgy artistic concepts into existing and time-tested branding, he transforms the client's vision into stunning images with a click of his shutter.